Rubio Mejia

Get things done attitude, fast learner and great teamwork collaboration skills. Passionate about technology and learning new stuff. Mostly a backend developer but I have worked in all the stack at some point.

Work Experience

Autoweb 2014 - Current

Adserver Integrations Team Lead

Responsible of the integrations team. Helped optimize the company widget and reduced its load time from about 2s to 0.5s. Increased the CTR of one of the biggest campaigns by 5%.

Adserver Software Developer

Responsible of th AdServer engine, which is the main platform that drives the monetization of the clicks products
Olibodegas 2012 - 2013

Full-stack Engineer

Create and maintain an in-house ERP and CRM software from the ground up, including front-end, back-end and database work.


Master of Information Technologies

Postgraduate of computer networks and a postgraduate of information systems, Galileo University

Systems Engineering

Engineering degree of Systems engineering, Galileo University